Arthritis Pain

arthritis 1

Arthritis is a common term for degenerative joint disease.  In its very advanced form, joint replacement surgery is the standard of care.

However, many patients have degenerative problems and hurt immensely at the earlier stages of arthritis when surgery is not yet necessary.  RIT Prolotherapy on the other hand can be very effective at these stages.  Some patients have had difficulties after knee or hip surgery and are trying to avoid another surgery and others simply had surgery and are still having problems.  RIT Prolotherapy has been found to be very helpful in all of these instances.

The most common reason for the post-surgical issues is that surgery does not take care of degenerated ligaments and tendons.  RIT Prolotherapy is very helpful in these cases.

The reason for limited use of RIT Prolotherapy in treating arthritis is that the insurance companies simply refuse to recognize the effectiveness and benefits of RIT Prolotherapy.  Call RIT Prolotherapy Florida to see how we can help you.