Sacroiliac Joint Pain


Sacroiliac joint and sciatica are some of the most common problems treated at RIT Prolotherapy Florida.

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction and instability is rarely a singular problem involving the sacroiliac joint alone.  Steroid shots, which are placed inside the joint through the use of x-ray, usually work for a short period of time.  Radiofrequency, another method of treating sacroiliac joints that was also recently introduced, heats the nerves outside the joint to cure the problems within the joint.  However, if the problem is within this joint, why burn the nerves outside that joint and expect it to be cured?

Both of the above treatments are practiced by many, but accurate diagnosis, skillful manipulation and stabilization of a loose sacroiliac joint, including the other components related to this puzzle, is performed by few.  Nearly 85% of RIT Prolotherapy patients achieve stabilization of the joint and greatly improve function after RIT Prolotherapy.  This is because all the components of the patient’s problems are methodically investigated and properly addressed.  If you are reading this material other methods have likely failed to treat your sacroiliac.

If you are interested in learning more about RIT Prolotherapy for Sacroiliac, please visit the ‘Publications’ section of this website or call RIT Prolotherapy Florida to see how we can help you.